Healthy 24

Most people get into trouble at Thanksgiving dinner by eating full speed ahead until they finally realize that they are full (after their second and third helping). The trouble with this method is the lag time in communication between your stomach and brain. In reality, you probably satisfied your hunger with your first plate of food, but your stomach takes a while to get that message to your brain. And during that lag time you took the opportunity to go for your second and third plate of food. This year sit calmly in your chair after that first plate and wait at least 20 minutes before getting seconds. You will be surprised to find that the thought of more food doesn’t sound good anymore – and you will have saved yourself unnecessary weight gain.You don’t have time to prepare a meal so you grab a breakfast bar to go. But the calorie and sugar content should make you take a second look. Take a look at their ingredients listing and just be even more savvy, take a look to see what is the first ingredient listed in their ingredients. If the first three ingredients is corn syrup, eat with caution. It might not even come close to being called a healthy breakfast bar.And don’t be afraid to ask and if they give you an answer that you are not content with, simply just don’t order that meal. If you have committed yourself to eating healthy do not let any stand in your way.